Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lucid Dream

Right this is quite exciting, I've been waking up quite early recently then falling back to sleep. This has resulted in remembering a number of dreams I've had and this morning i had a lucid dream! Only ever remember having one of these before when I was we lad. The dream was in HD i.e. crystal clear gorgeous colours I remember being absellutly amazed by the detail of it all. There where bushes and trees all in blossom . the scene was slowly moving like I was in a car travelling at slow speed (but there was no car) i began to realise that i was able to change what was happening not to exact forms it was sort of like moving your hand through water or playing music. I tried to make an actual form like a figure but it didn't work everything just fell apart and i was left with a white space with bits flying about. If this all sounds a bit weird well it was but imagine your watching a film and then you start to realise that the back ground is changing to reflect your feelings eventually you don't care about the actors or the narrative and you become like a conductor but a conductor in charge of all your senses and feelings its quite fantastic!

if you want to get an idea of what it looked like follow this link to a piece of work I did a few years ago but think less gold and more spring.