Monday, 31 May 2010

ACWood and Bright Stem blogs merging

Hello everyone I've decided to merge my two blogs together. It just doesn't make sense separating one for personal use, and one for professional. If its too personal its of no interest to a wider audience and if its too business related its down right dull so hopefully a combination fo the both will create a much better blogging experience.

So if you where following this blog please just add brightstem to your reading list I've imported all the blogs from here onto that blog


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Don't put a spanner in the works!

I'm hearing lots about the Welsh and Scottish nationalists getting too much out of an alliance deal but lets reverse this:

In Wales conservatives got 8 seats
In Scotland only 1 seat
Whilst in Northern Ireland the Ulster Conservatives and Unionists 0 seats ( I might add add this point that due to the political history in Northern Ireland such a coalition was a very silly idea. )

So if Conservatives where to take power It would quite clearly look like England was trying to rule over Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Which in turn would give huge amounts of fuel to the furnace for the Welsh, Scotish Nationalists increase tensions in Northern Ireland and in turn tare the UK apart. England and more specificity the Conservatives I'm afraid are going to have to take this one on the chin for the good of the UK whether they like it or not.

So please Labour back bencher's don't put a spanner in the works!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Dear, Mr Cleg

Dear, Mr Clegg

Please can you not do any thing silly over the next few days. Please can you ignore the silly press and media (yes I mean you too BBC) there is no 1st, 2nd and 3rd place this isn't a race you silly people! Please can you make sure your party does what it's been wanting to do for so long. Please don't let Gordy get in the way he's just a bit prickly, I'm sure he'll let you work with some one else if you ask nicely. Please make electoral reform a reality. Lets keep everyone talking lets all work together! If you do a deal with the torys not only will electoral reform be impossible but you'll also loose all your votes next time and then we'll go ten years backwards na twenty years backwards and be left with a silly 2 party system. the reds in one corner the blues in the other back and forth we'll go for ever more until no one even can be bothered voting due to the pure farcical nature of it all.

Also wouldn't it be nice to have the Green party and northern Ireland's Alliance party as part of a coalition there nice you'll get on with them!

We'll I'll leave it there hope your well and getting lots of sleep.


Monday, 19 April 2010

What Is Change?

I'm so annoyed, bored and tired of hearing Cameron speak!

I don't want change not any sort of change you have to offer you giant numpty! Because you don't bloody understand the concept of change!

Look here this is what change looks like:

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wonders of the Solar System

I've been watching the BBC's new documentary Wonders of the Solar System presented by Brian Cox. They have been truely amazing. Reminding me of those feelings of pure wonder when looking out to the night sky which where so prevalent on my daily thoughts when I was younger. Bellow are some images found which relate to the documentary. The white one is Europa a moon orbiting Jupiter. Its surface is made of ice which floats on a underground sea many time deeper than our own.. Truly beautiful I suggest you do the same as me and make one of these your desktop back ground just to remind you how amazing life is!